QoS Suite v4.10 : ready for optimized measurements !

For more than two years, we are using the QoS Suite measurement application on Android mobiles in “robot” mode.

The advantages of robot mode :

The robot mode has the advantage of carrying out measurements 24/7 :

  • The reliable measurements without any user intervention
  • The script and application updates driven from the QoS Suite portal
  • The measurement reports synchronized periodically (every hour or day)
  • The remote control of mobiles for maintenance and customer support

With the new version 4.10 and more than 10 months of R&D and field evaluation, our solution allows you to multiply the network configurations evaluated with less equipment, thanks to :

  • The script allowing the use of 2 removable Sims and 5 e-Sims from different operators on the same mobile
  • When selecting different network modes (5G, 4G, 3G, etc.) and APN Data

The application also allows you to adjust the volume of measurements according to the speed of the vehicle carrying the phones, which allows you to better cover a territory.

With this new version and the use of mobiles embedded in shared vehicles for several uses (taxi, urban transport, breakdown and waste collection vehicles, etc.) we provide our customers with territorial coverage measures, with optimization of production costs and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.


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