The new version of QoS Suite V4.7 is available

After more than 8 months of R&D and field assessment we have released our latest QoS Suite, which measures mobile networks according to user experience and in “Robot” mode.
Robot mode increases the volume of measurements without human intervention, plus the level of test automation, by using “Root” Android mobiles, allowing different network configurations to be set.

The main developments in user experience mode are:

  • For file download measurements, the addition of the server connection delay indicator in addition to the transfer delay indicator.  This allows for better analysis of low throughputs under high latency conditions and network congestion.
  • For latency measurements, the addition of a new standardised measurement using TWAMP UDP protocol (the reference server uses the perfSONAR™ product), which allows a better assessment of 5G use instances (e-gaming and HD video chat) by calculating a global indicator of interactivity (0-100%) viewed by the user (currently under experimentation).
  • For file download measurements, the evaluation of the http2 protocol (by comparing several mobile and server applications), the http3 protocol (currently being standardised) and the experimentation of a new network capacity measurement using the UDP protocol.

The main developments in user experience mode are:

  • To carry out continuous measurements (H24) without human intervention (with and without Android Root mobile).
  • To set up different network configurations from the QoS Suite Portal in the Android Root Mobile Measurement script, such as:
    • Activating and deactivating aeroplane mode or mobile data
    • Selecting an APN
    • Activating and deactivating WIFI
    • Forcing a mobile to restart
    • Selecting a network mode (5G, 4G, 3G and 2G)
    • Updating the QoS Suite application without user intervention
    • Capturing network exchanges
  • To perform network exchange captures on Android mobile for analysis with standard tools such as Wireshark™. These captures are configurable in the QoS Suite Portal for each measurement in a script.  QoS Suite drives the PCAPdroid™ application which saves the captures in standard “PCAP” format. The quality of the captures on a Root mobile is comparable to network analysers on the market. The mobiles synchronise the captures with the Portal which allows the user to control them and download them for analysis. To avoid system saturation, an automatic purge mechanism of the captures is implemented.

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